Hand Applique made easy

 Hand Appliqué - The EASIEST way!

Why Hand Appliqué? This is one of the most traditional methods of appliqué. It's quite portable, and requires very little prep. But it does take a bit of practice!  Master it and AMAZE all your quilting buddies!

All methods of hand appliqué require some preparation, but we're going to talk about  The "Pre-Turned Method" - Our favorite method!   You will need liquid starch, freezer paper and a hot dry iron to do this method. 

Using a fine tipped pen or pencil, trace your appliqué templates on to the dull size of the freezer paper.  Cut out exactly on your drawn line. 


  • Label these templates as you go so you don’t get confused later!  Keep them secure in a zip-loc bag.
  • To cut multiple templates of the same shape, staple 4 or 5 pieces of freezer paper together and just cut once!  More than 4 or 5 pieces will cause distortion.

Once all your shapes are cut, press the shiny side of your freezer paper template to the wrong side of your fabric.  Cut out your shape using about a ¼” seam allowance.  Put these back into your zip-loc bag so you don't loose them.

Once all of your shapes are cut out, it’s time to move to your ironing board. Using a small paint brush or Q-Tip, brush starch on the seam allowances of your appliqué piece.  Use just enough to get it damp - you are not painting a house!

Start pressing your seam allowances towards the wrong side of the fabric (onto the freezer paper) - leaving your template in place.  It’s best to start with “pointy” pieces first.

TIP:  On inside curves, you may need to clip the curves a bit to make the shape lay well.

Continue to prep all your shapes. Once done, it’s time to stitch. Prior to stitching, remove the freezer paper from each piece as you are using it.  Then, simply place your shape onto your background and stitch down.  All the prep work is done!  Now that was easy.  Continuing adding shapes until your applique is completed.